I've spent the last 10 years perfecting a safe teeth whitening formula


Debbie Bittke, RDH, BS
Clinical Dental Hygienist

Results in 10 Minutes - Enamel-safe - Sensitivity free

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Guaranteed Results

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Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, No Animal Testing or BPA Used.

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Powerful Cool Light Technology with 32 Blue-Red LED lights, combined with a wireless USB charger.

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Waterproof mouthpiece so you can whiten while you shower or shave!

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LED blue light quickly whitens your teeth.

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LED blue lights have shown to inhibit the bad bacteria in your mouth.

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LED red light soothes and comforts your gums and teeth.

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Celebrity White wireless teeth whitening kit

The Best Dental Grade, Professional, Teeth Whitening Kit Available! Everything you need to have a beautiful and more confident smile in as little as 10 minutes.

Best Part: No Sensitivity.



"Love this whitening wand!

This product works great. Just like the one I used to get at my dental office. I will buy it again!"

Before and after white teeth
Gina B.

Los Angeles, CA


“Using my Celebrity White® whitening wand, no longer needing to live under a mask, makes me feel happy. No mask required means more reason to smile and lucky for me my teeth are whiter than ever before!”

Anna's beautiful smile with white teeth
Anna M.

Surprise, AZ


"I give this product a 10!I saw immediate results after one whitening session. Highly recommend you try this!"

Rachel's beautiful smile with white teeth
Rachel B.

ShoLow, AZ


"I'm hooked! I saw a difference in the first time I used this! Super easy and didn’t hurt my teeth or gums like some of the dental office products do. I’m excited to finally have a product that  I can use and really works!"

Paula H.

Denver, Colorado


"I love this product and highly recommend it! So worth the money. Before purchasing I spent over an hour reading reviews and that is how I chose this product.! My teeth always get super sensitive after a day or two of using any other whitening product.  I’m on day 2 and not one bit of sensitivity."

Demi G.

Orlando, Florida


"I have never been one to use whitening products.. This was my first time going down this road. Overall, I’d say the results were decent! The actual product is really well packaged, beautiful, simple, professional. It feels very premium.

There is definitely a noticeable difference. My teeth are a couple of shades lighter."

Taylor M.

Miami, FL


A few years ago I paid to have my teeth whitened by my dentist. I had to use those bulky trays and use a syringe of gel which meant the gel got on my gums. The gel on your gums HURTS! 

I haven’t whitened my teeth in years. The trays from my dentist and their gel was creating tooth sensitivity. 

Since I drink a lot of coffee, I thought I would look only for a less expensive whitening gel. When I saw Celebrity White Whitening Wands PLUS the No Sensitivity, I thought to give the pens a try.

I’m happy I did! I had absolutely no sensitivity and since you are brushing the gel on your teeth, your gums do not get burned!

I chose to get the monthly auto-ship so I can keep my teeth whiter.

Erica G.

Los Angeles, CA


I'm so glad I tried out this product! I have searched far and wide for a quick and easy whitening pen and Celebrity Smiles is  definitely it. My dentist originally charged me $300 to whiten my teeth and every time I want to buy the touch up kit it’s another $60! Other companies have pens but they are not this effective. The best part is that the application doesn’t bur my gums are cause tooth sensitivity. Highly recommend you try this!

Wyne W.

New York, NY


I really like this product, I put it on after I brush my teeth at night. I don’t have trays to put on after I brush on the gel so I keep my lips away from my teeth for about 10 mins.  I’ve actually noticed a difference in just a few days, it’s also super easy to use and a great price. I definitely recommend it

Devin L.


Dental Offices Around The World Have Been Using Our Professional, Dental-Grade, Teeth Whitening Products For Many Years.

Now you have access to the same quality whitening products!

Smiles show you have confidence!

Sharing a smile can change your day and especially someone else who may be having a bad day.

We have been offering teeth whitening products to dental office for many years.

And because of this…Celebrity White was born.

Why choose celebrity white?

🦷 Professional, Dental -Grade Formula

🦷 No Sensitivity

🦷 Enamel-Safe

🦷 Non-Toxic

🦷 Cruelty Free (no animal testing)

🦷 BPA-Free

🦷 Vegan

🦷 Gluten-Free

🦷 Non -GMO

🦷 And best of all.....It Really Works!

Young couple with beautiful white teeth

Real results. Real customers

Before and after white teeth
Before and after white teeth
Before and after white teeth


Watch This Video

1. Floss and brush (2 minutes) prior to use.

2. Open your whitening wand and twist the wand 20- 30 times before you apply the gel.

3. Apply the gel with your whitening wand by painting light strokes over each tooth. Imagine you are painting a wall in your house except you will use small, light pressured strokes over each tooth you wish to whiten.

4. Next, put your mouthpiece connected to the LED light in your mouth.

5. Push the button on the LED light to begin your whitening session.

The first time you push the button the light will turn on for 15 minutes. These are all the blue lights.

When you push the button on your mouthpiece a second time, the blue and red lights are on and you will hear the timer beep after 10 minutes.

6. After you hear the beep, the lights will turn off. Now remove the mouthpiece.

7. Brush any excess (Left over) whitening gel into your teeth.

8. Rinse and go on with your day or night of sleep.


🦷 You can eat or drink, but we recommend you wait 30 minutes to allow the ingredients to work their magic.

🦷 For faster results you can use the whitening wands twice a day.

🦷 If you want faster whitening results, you can use the light 15 minutes followed by 10 minutes.

🦷 To maintain the efficacy of the gel and to delay expiration store in a refrigerator.

🦷 See your dental hygienist for routine check-ups to maintain your beautiful smile.

🦷 A healthy smile leads to a healthy body. A healthy smile and body create confidence and a happy life.

Watch This Video

The CELEBRITY WHITE® LED Light uses the same type of light technology used by many dental offices to whiten patients teeth.

The power of LED light safely penetrates tooth enamel and help activate the Carbamide Peroxide

whitening solution (gel).

The blue light speeds up the whitening process and the red light has healing properties which will help decrease any chance of teeth or gum sensitivity.

Although our products are safe, we have gone the extra mile to make your whitening experience the best it can be.

Carbamide Peroxide safely whitens because it more slowly (slower than Hydrogen Peroxide) releases the oxygen in the whitening gel which creates whiter teeth.

We add Potassium Nitrate Fluoride to reduce any chance of tooth sensitivity and it also strengthens enamel as you whiten with our serum (gel).

Each person is different. Imagine going to the beach with your friends.

Some of you will tan easily, some will burn, and some will have no change in their tan lines. Whitening teeth is very similar.

Each person responds differently.

In our clinical and dental office settings, the test results show most dental office patients had a 2- 4 shade change in their teeth within 3 days and 7 shades in 7 days.

Results with the CELEBRITY WHITE® whitening system usually shows people have whiter teeth for up to 6 months however, we suggest that if you want to keep your teeth as white as possible, you should have a whitening wand on-hand for touch-ups once or twice a week.

The CELEBRITY WHITE® whitening products are very gentle on your teeth and gums. You should experience zero to very minimal sensitivity. In clinical trials and with our dental office testing none of the dental patients experienced sensitivity or irritation.

Please note that a little whitening gel goes a long way!