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My teeth are brighter, and I feel so much more confident about my smile!

These pens are so simple to use! I learned to whiten my teeth before going to bed, and then the gel can continue working while I sleep. I love it! I started seeing a noticeable difference in whiteness after just a week. Now, after a few weeks, my teeth are several shades brighter, and I feel so much more confident about my smile.
If you're looking for a safe and effective way to whiten your teeth at home, I highly recommend Celebrity Smiles Club Teeth Whitening Pens. They've definitely become a staple in my beauty routine!

Great For my Fair Skin

The whitening effect of this pen really works well with my fair skin. My lipsticks even make my teeth look whiter! I love Celebrity Smiles!

Love this for my patients.

No mess. No sensitivity and with the LED light it whitens quickly. Highly recommend this!

Teeth Whitner

Product works very well. I have a 45 minute drive so I use it on my way to work. No sensitivity, light works great, easy to use and you can tell a difference.

Pleasantly Surprised!

I have always been skeptical about "no sensitivity" whitening products. I used the Celebrity Smiles Club wireless whitening 4 times in 8 days with ZERO sensitivity! My teeth looked whiter and brighter after the first use and continued to be for weeks. I am happy I gave this great product a try :)

Love my white teeth!

Thanks Celebrity for making beautiful white teeth so easy! No trips to the dentist - professional whiting at home in just a few minutes a week and on MY schedule. My husband was impressed, now he’s whitening too!

Really Works!

Having tried almost every kind of whitening over many years - Celebrity Smiles is easily THE BEST! I’ve tried custom trays from the dentist with gel that ultimately creates sensitivity. In office dental whitening that hardly brightened. Crest strips. Crest gel, the works. Then I found Celebrity Smiles! Hurray - it works! Now I can enjoy my coffee and tea and have a bright white smile too. It’s easy to apply, the light is comfy and offers several options.
Best- NO sensitivity! Perfect!

Thank you very much for your 5 star review. We are smiling big to read how happy you are with your brighter-whiter smile.

Teeth are whitening quickly

At the Mrs. Colorado pageant I got inspired to try celebrity teeth whitening. I am grateful I did. Thank you for supporting the Mrs. Colorado pageant.

Becki, Thank you very much for you kind words. We really enjoy sponsoring all of you ladies competing in the pageants. We look forward to seeing your beautiful smile.

Love it!

This product is fabulous, works fast and causes no sensitivity. The light is comfortable to wear and easy to charge.

Excellent Whitening System

I could see the improvement in my first whitening. My mouth is sensitive to dental products. I have had no reaction even using the system every day for 5 days. I recommend to my friends. Excellent product!

I LOVE my Celebrity Smiles Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit!!!

As a professional working with the public, how I feel about my appearance is paramount. When I feel confident, I appear confident. Smiling makes others feel more confident in you and having whiter teeth just makes that experience just that much more enjoyable. That's exactly what Celebrity Smiles has done for me!!

Great product

The product works just as you might expect. Whitens and seems effective, plus the customer service was very good as well. I'd consider buying again if needed for sure.

Great product love my white teeth

Great product i will recommend to anyone that need whiter teeth !!!
Guys you need to buy this cool product !!!

Best whitening I’ve used

No sensitivity at all, and whitens amazing and evenly. I’ve used quite a few different whiteners and this one is by far the best I’ve used

No pain whitening

I am so incredibly pleased to have found Celebrity Smiles Whitening by Debbie.

My whitening results were beyond my expectations, easy to use, great presentation NO Pain and Best of all RESULTS are amazing…it actually works !

I highly recommend Celebrity Smile Whitening kit to anyone… best product I have tried!

What a Difference This Made!

The Celebrity Smiles system was easy to use and I saw a difference right away! I will definitely continue to use this whitening system again and again!

Great Product!

I drink coffe, tea and soda. Was noticing my teeth looking "dull".
I saw this product and decided to give it a try....What a difference!!
Been using for 2 weeks and see a whiter smile! So easy to use and will continue to use. Will recommend to family and friends!

Thank you Karen. We are very excited to see how much you like your improved smile.

Good Deal

Applicators seem cheaper elsewhere.. Like the system

Worth every penny

I tried this thinking it would be like so many other products I had true, but I was so wrong. I had just quit smoking and wanted to find a way to whiten my teeth. Celebrity Smiles took me down 2 numbers after the first time. I use regularly and am now down 4 shades! I love this thing.


Thank you for your review. We appreciate hearing from dentists about how much they love our whitening product.

Amazing Fast Whitening!

I received my celebrity whitening kit and my teeth instantly got 4 shades whiter from the first treatment. The wand is super convenient to use and so much better the the traditional syringe style. I would highly recommend this whitening kit to anyone looking for a brighter smile! Thanks Celebrity Whitening Club

Love this Product!

I have whitened my teeth before but my gums always hurt because the gel inside my tray got on my gums. With the Celebrity Smiles mouthpiece and LED lights the gel did not touch my gums and it made my teeth really white after only 10 minutes!

Highly recommend you try this.

Wonderful Product!

This is by far the best whitening product I have ever used from quality to comfort. Each week I noticed my teeth whitening significantly and after 3 weeks my teeth turned pearl white. One of the coolest features is the wireless mouthpiece. It's very light, classy design, user friendly and most importantly I give it a 10/10 for comfortable. Thank you CelebritySmiles Club for making me smile all the time. I strongly recommend to everyone.

Gentle on Sensitive Gums.

I recently received this product and I have very sensitive gums.

I read that this whitening product was not painful.
I decided to try this and I can honestly say that i did not have any discomfort.
This is not the 1st time I have whitening my teeth but I have never used the LED light so I wanted to give it a try.

I have only done 2 treatments so far & it did work great.
I also subscribed to the SMILE Club so I always have these whitening wands available.

It's also less $ compared to when I 1st whitened my teeth at mydentist' office. I went to the dentist around 2 years ago and the gel was strong and I couldn't finish the time of the treatment.

This product is a lot more gentle and I have not had any discomfort.
If you have sensitive teeth, this is the product you should use!