Achieve a Dazzling Smile: The Benefits of Carbamide Peroxide Over Hydrogen Peroxide

Get A Beautiful, More Radiant Smile

A captivating smile is a powerful asset that leaves a lasting impression. Celebrities are often known for their flawless smiles, captivating millions with their pearly whites. While genetics and professional dental care play crucial roles in maintaining a stunning smile, the use of teeth whitening agents like peroxide can work wonders.

In this blog, we will delve into the benefits of Carbamide Peroxide over Hydrogen Peroxide, highlighting Carbamide Peroxide's slow breakdown and prevention of tooth sensitivity.

Understanding Carbamide Peroxide:

Carbamide Peroxide is a widely used teeth whitening agent known for its exceptional effectiveness. It is a compound composed of urea and hydrogen peroxide. When applied to the teeth, Carbamide Peroxide breaks down into urea and Hydrogen Peroxide, gradually releasing oxygen molecules that boost whitening the enamel of your teeth.

Slow Breakdown for Gradual Whitening:

One of the key advantages of Carbamide Peroxide is its slow breakdown process. Unlike hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down rapidly, Carbamide Peroxide releases oxygen slowly, providing a controlled and more extended whitening experience. This gradual release ensures a more uniform and consistent whitening effect on the teeth, reducing the risk of uneven coloration or blotchy results.

Tooth Sensitivity Prevention:

Tooth sensitivity is a common concern when it comes to teeth whitening treatments. The use of Hydrogen Peroxide, especially at higher concentrations, can lead to temporary tooth sensitivity, causing discomfort to individuals during and after the treatment. Carbamide peroxide, on the other hand, has shown to be more gentle on tooth enamel and is less likely to cause sensitivity.

The slower breakdown rate of Carbamide Peroxide reduces the chances of irritating the nerves inside the teeth, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable whitening experience.

Customizable Whitening Solutions:

Another advantage of Carbamide Peroxide is its versatility in teeth whitening treatments. Teeth Whitening Manufacturers can easily customize the concentration of Carbamide Peroxide to suit the specific needs and preferences for the people who will want to buy a specific whitening concentration.

Lower concentrations are often used for at-home whitening kits, while higher concentrations are employed for professional in-office treatments. This flexibility allows individuals to achieve their desired level of whiteness while ensuring optimal safety and comfort.

Celebrity Smiles is a dental-grade teeth whitening solution that uses 35% Carbamide Peroxide and when you use the Blue LED light mouthpiece the oxygen in the Carbamide Peroxide is easily released to quickly whiten your teeth.

6% Potassium Nitrate is another primary ingredient which also blocks tooth sensitivity. 

Long-Lasting Whitening Effects:

The controlled release of oxygen from Carbamide Peroxide results in longer-lasting whitening effects compared to Hydrogen Peroxide. The gradual breakdown of Carbamide Peroxide allows the bleaching process to reach deeper within the enamel, effectively targeting and removing stubborn stains.

As a result, the whitening effects of Carbamide Peroxide can be enjoyed for an extended period, contributing to a brighter smile that lasts.

You can expect to whiten with the Celebrity Smiles LED lights for about 15 minutes and because Carbamide Peroxide will break down more slowly you may see whiter teeth not only 15 minutes later but in approximately 6 hours.

If you whiten at night, use the blue LED lights for 15 minutes and notice how much whiter your teeth appear. Then after a good nights sleep, in the morning look in the mirror again and you may see that your teeth are a shade whiter than when you looked in the mirror the night before.


When it comes to teeth whitening, choosing the right agent is crucial for achieving a stunning smile without compromising oral health. CarbamidePeroxide emerges as a superior alternative to Hydrogen Peroxide, offering a range of benefits such as controlled and gradual whitening, tooth sensitivity prevention, customizable treatments, and long-lasting results.

Whether you opt for at-home kits or professional treatments, Carbamide Peroxide can be trusted to deliver the desired results while prioritizing the overall well-being of your teeth.

At Celebrity Smiles Club, we understand the importance of a captivating smile. Our commitment to using advanced whitening techniques, including the use of Carbamide Peroxide, ensures that our clients achieve the dazzling smiles they deserve.

Unlock your smile potential and embrace the confidence that comes with radiant teeth when you use Celebrity Smiles teeth whitening products!

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