Are DIY Teeth Whitening Products Safe to Use?

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Take less than a minute and search for teeth whitening on the internet. You will reveal thousands of DIY kits meant to be used at home.

At least 50% of them even have 5-star reviews but the reality is that many those products really don’t make a difference in the color or your teeth, they are not safe for your enamel, they are not tested rigorously, and they cause tooth sensitivity.

There is a way to whiten your teeth without causing tooth sensitivity, damage to your enamel and without breaking your bank account!

You can now safely whiten your teeth. Continue reading to learn more about this.

Teeth Whitening Gel

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Celebrity Smiles® will not cause tooth sensitivity. The cause of tooth sensitivity when using our product is going to be something caused by something other than the whitening product ingredients. The ingredients in our products include a dental grade Carbamide Peroxide and Potassium Nitrate Fluoride.

The Potassium Nitrate Fluoride is what protects your teeth from that ZING of tooth sensitivity! More on that as you read below.

Celebrity Smiles® Club founder and CEO, Debbie Bittke, is a registered dental hygienist, a hygiene department coach and former dental school university professor.

Celebrity Smiles® Club has been selling their whitening products and this same formula to dentists around the world for over 10 years. During the 2020 pandemic dental offices were closed for at least 3 months and during this time founder, Debbie Bittke researched best options for whitening and upgraded the current whitening process.

No more messy impressions at your dental office, the dental offices no longer need to pour up a tooth model and make a tray for the patient to return and purchase. The whitening gel (Serum) does not need to be placed in a tray and now it's much easier to paint a small amount of gel or serum only on the teeth you want to whiten.

You can get whiter teeth in less time, less money and without pain to your teeth!

The difference is not only the dental-grade ingredients but a technology that uses a Dual LED Light (Blue + Blue/Red) which means the shade of your teeth will change 2-4 shades lighter in as little as 10-minutes.

Tooth Whitening No Sensitivity

What is the difference between Celebrity Smiles® whitening and other OTC Whitening products?

There are a few things that make our whitening products different, and are the facts:


1. Carbamide Peroxide

This main ingredient breaks down into oxygen slowly. Other whitening companies use hydrogen peroxide which breaks down into oxygen much faster and that can mean a higher chance of tooth sensitivity.

2. Potassium Nitrate Fluoride or BioMin Fluoride

Our whitening serum includes one of these fluorides which will cover the dentinal tubules (Microscopic pores inside your tooth), and this literally blocks tooth sensitivity. It can also strengthen the enamel on your teeth.

If you were to experience sensitivity while whitening your teeth with our formula it’s most likely a different type of dental condition such as gum recession, cavities, or infection, etc.

If you have not seen a dentist and/or dental hygienist in over a year, consider a dental exam and cleaning prior to whitening your teeth.

3. COOL LIGHT ™ Technology

This is the technology inside our comfort, soft LED Light mouthpiece. Many of the OTC teeth whitening mouthpieces available on the internet may have an LED light but it will produce heat just like most lights produce.

4. Our mouthpiece also has 32 LED Light bulbs (16 Blue and 16 Blue/Red) which do not produce heat. This is our patented technology that is not found elsewhere.

Our LED Light/Mouthpiece not only has the 32 LED lights, but the blue light (15 mins timer) help BOOST the whitening process while it helps release the oxygen (microscopic) bubbles from the Carbamide Peroxide. The Blue/Red Light (10 mins timer. My favorite setting to use!) not only releases the oxygen in the Carbamide Peroxide but the LED Red light soothes and comforts while it whitens your teeth.

Side note: If you are prone to canker sores or maybe you have gum inflammation (braces were just removed and your gums are puffy), I suggest wearing the Blue/Red Light for 10 minutes twice a day. No serum in your mouthpiece but the LED Red light has healing properties.
One more important fact to keep in mind is our Wireless LED light technology.

  •               Not only does the mouthpiece have the above listed technology but there is no need to have your mouthpiece connected to a USB port while you whiten. We made our mouthpiece hands-free.

This means you can multi-task while you whiten. The mouthpiece is waterproof so you can shower or wash your face while you whiten your teeth.

Celebrity Smiles Whitening Pens

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Happy Whitening and please remember, what our world needs now are MORE SMILES!

Will you help me, and the SMILE Team share a smile today?!

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