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Since it’s coming up at the end of year, let’s get back to basics.

Teeth whitening is not just for dental patients. Everyone around the world should have the option to share confidence and love by sharing a beautiful smile.

Teeth whitening options are available everywhere you go. 

It does not need to take a lot of time, it does not need to cost a lot of money and very important to many is that it does not cause sensitive teeth!


Celebrity Smiles Club wireless teeth whitening kit

We have combined light technology inside a closed mouthpiece.

This technology is specifically formulated to be used with a pen that includes a special whitening gel with an ingredient known to eliminate any tooth sensitivity.


If you are looking for the best whitening for sensitive teeth and a solution that is cost-effective, you have found it!

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Our blue whitening light means less time whitening your teeth and the red light helps to soothe as you use the gel which has the same ingredients to expedite the whitening process with no sensitivity.

The old way of using a customized tray is a thing of the past. We have a mouthpiece that is most comfortable, and everyone can wear, after they paint on the gel.

LED lights have been beneficial and scientifically researched to create health, decrease inflammation.

Think of teeth whitening as enjoyable, just like a massage. Whitening your teeth should be a positive experience and not cause pain. The results of teeth whitening need to make you feel great!


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Rest assured you no longer need your dentist to take the messy and uncomfortable impressions to whiten your teeth. You don’t have to wait for your dentist to whiten your teeth.

We use a BLUE/RED LED light which most whitening companies do not offer. Our special formulated gel has a tooth whitening accelerator plus another ingredient (Potassium Nitrate) that for many decades has been proven to eliminate tooth sensitivity.

Celebrity Smiles Club founder Debbie Bittke, a dental hygienist and expert on preventive care and teeth whitening. She has over 40 yrs. experience as a dental professional and consultant to dental offices around the world.

She has been offering teeth whitening to dental offices around the world since 2010. She is proud to offer the very best teeth whitening system for the world.

The Celebrity Smiles® products combine all the positive factors of whitening except they eliminate tooth sensitivity.

The team at Celebrity Smiles®  wants to share with the world about optimal oral health and its effects on a persons’ total health.

A healthy body and beautiful smile mean more people feel happy!


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It’s important to understand that teeth whitening depends upon many factors.

Before you whiten your teeth, you want to look at any stains on your teeth. Why are the stains there? Are they from taking medications? Is your tooth infected and has the inside of the tooth died from trauma or infection which causes a dark appearance? This type of stain is called intrinsic.

Do you use tobacco, drink red wine, and eat foods that can cause your teeth to stain (called extrinsic stain) easily?

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Think getting a tan at the beach. How easily do you tan? 

Many people will get very tan after an hour in the sun while others will not get a tan. Whitening your teeth is the same. Most people after wearing the light with the Celebrity Smile gel will experience two shades whiter after their first ten-minute session.

It is important to note that we are each different. The results can be 1 shade after one ten-minute session for one person and seven shades on the next person.

The average person can expect two shades whiter after their first ten-minute session.

Before you begin your first session take a picture of your teeth and mark the shade guide before each session. Using the product for twenty-one days consecutively if this is your first time whitening your teeth.

Using the Celebrity Smiles® products will be the highest level of care to keep your smile always beautiful. The Celebrity Smiles team is committed to always using the safest and most innovative products.

Our ingredients will always be non-GMO, no BPA will be used, non-toxic ingredients and also safe for your mouth and teeth. We will never use products that are tested on animals.

As a Smile Club® member, you will always be the first to know about your new products as they are created. We will also offer you free products to try and you will always receive the biggest discounts available.

If you are not currently a member, do plan to sign-up today!

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