"Carbamide Peroxide vs. Hydrogen Peroxide: Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Solution for a Radiant Smile"

Celebrity White Teeth Whitening Products for a Radiant Smile

The desire for a brighter, whiter smile is a common goal among many people. According to a survey conducted by Kelton Global for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), the whiteness of their teeth is the most important aspect people want to change about their smile. 

Additionally, nearly 100 percent of the participants in the survey considered a great smile to be one of their most valuable "social assets." While professional teeth whitening treatments can be costly, it is worth noting that even these procedures utilize hydrogen peroxide, which can also be found in inexpensive alternatives. 

At Celebrity Smiles Club, we have chosen to use a brand that uses Carbamide Peroxide instead of Hydrogen Peroxide. This blog aims to shed light on the reasons behind this decision.

While hydrogen peroxide is widely used in tooth bleaching products, the concentrations in professional treatments range from 25 to 40 percent. In some cases, dentists combine hydrogen peroxide with a light or laser to accelerate or activate the whitening process. 

At Celebrity Smiles Club, we believe in providing effective and affordable teeth whitening solutions. That is why we have opted to use Carbamide Peroxide as our primary whitening agent. Carbamide Peroxide is a compound that breaks down into hydrogen peroxide when applied to the teeth. 

By using Carbamide Peroxide, we ensure that our customers achieve the very best results, the same or improved, through use of traditional hydrogen peroxide-based treatments.

One of the primary advantages of Carbamide Peroxide is its slower breakdown rate compared to hydrogen peroxide. While hydrogen peroxide breaks down rapidly, Carbamide Peroxide releases a smaller amount of hydrogen peroxide over a more extended period. This gradual release allows for a longer exposure time, which can lead to more effective teeth whitening results.

This means Carbamide Peroxide whitens your teeth for up to six hours; meaning the ingredients break down slow enough to still work whitening and brightening your teeth up to six hours later.

Whiten your teeth at night using the Celebrity Smiles brand and you will experience a nice surprise when you awake the next morning and look in the mirror. What will you see?  Your teeth appear even brighter than when you went to sleep.

Furthermore, Carbamide Peroxide is considered gentler on tooth enamel compared to hydrogen peroxide. The slower breakdown rate and reduced concentration minimize the potential for tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. This makes our teeth whitening treatments comfortable and suitable for individuals with more sensitive teeth.

Additionally, Carbamide Peroxide is highly versatile and can be used in various application methods. Use our LED lights for your best results. Do you have INVISALIGN trays or traditional trays? You can still use our brand and see great results! 

This type of flexibility ensures that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a brighter, whiter smile, regardless of their individual needs and preferences.

In summary, while hydrogen peroxide is commonly used in professional teeth whitening treatments, the choice of Carbamide Peroxide at Celebrity Smiles Club offers numerous advantages. The slower breakdown rate and reduced concentration of Carbamide Peroxide allow for a longer exposure time and minimize the risk of tooth sensitivity. 

Our customers can achieve outstanding results at a more affordable price point. Furthermore, the versatility of Carbamide Peroxide enables individuals to select the application method that suits them best. 

At Celebrity Smiles Club, we are committed to providing effective, gentle, and customizable teeth whitening solutions that help our customers achieve the bright and confident smiles they desire.

Try it now and see a more radiant smile by tomorrow.

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