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Fall is here and you are looking for ways to look your best during the holiday season. Today is always the best day to create your plan to look your best.

An easy and cost-effective way to look your best for the holiday parties is to whiten your teeth. A smile shows confidence and when you know your teeth look their best, it’s much easier to smile.

Every week you see ads on Facebook and Instagram for a new teeth whitening product, so how do you choose the best one?!


Celebrity Smiles Club whitening wands


No teeth whitening system is going to be a good choice unless it is safe and has ingredients that are non-toxic.

The whitening wands created by leading dental professional and dental hygienist, Debbie Bittke, has a long (over ten years) track record of providing safe, effective and non-toxic teeth whitening solutions to dental offices.

The active ingredient is Carbamide Peroxide. Carbamide Peroxide is a safe, useful compound with a significant history. It is a naturally occurring molecule that is produced by protein metabolism. Mammals and humans naturally produce it.

While Carbamide Peroxide can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, it will also stop infections from occurring. This is a positive result especially when combined with the LED red light which soothes and eliminates oral inflammation.

Carbamide Peroxide releases about 50% of its whitening power in the first two hours and can remain active for up to six additional hours. This creates the best and safest solution to whitening your teeth, especially when your saliva can potentially dissolve the whitening gel. 

Also included in our proprietary gel is Potassium Nitrate. Potassium Nitrate decreases the fluid flow through the tubules (Tubules are the internal pores of your tooth) of your tooth by sealing them. Think, “fur coat" over your teeth to stop you from feeling cold. This ingredient decreases the level of activity of teeth sensory nerves and prevents or reduces the negative sensation signals from reaching the brain. The result is no sensitivity. Think: No pain with a lot of gain while you whiten your teeth!

The ingredients in the Celebrity Smiles® whitening products have a long track record of successful use in dental offices. They are safe to use, effective to whitening your teeth, and no one complains about tooth sensitivity from using our whitening products.

We believe that teeth whitening products should be safe to use, and free of tooth sensitivity. This is a key reason why Celebrity Smiles® teeth whitening products are the best choice for everyone who wants a safe, easy and gentle whitening solution.

When we created our Celebrity Smiles® brand we took away the syringes. Syringes were previously used with a tray and the tray was made at a dental office. 

Years ago, the most popular way to whiten your teeth was to have a customized tray made by your dentist. You were sent home with your customized tray and a few syringes of the whitening gel. The challenges here would be the gel sneaking out to your gums from under the tray. Teeth whitening gel would land on your gums and it hurt. It would feel like a burning sensation.

Celebrity Smiles Club wireless teeth whitening kit

Fast forward and our wands plus the Blue/Red LED Cool technology light means no impressions at a dental office. The pens allow you to paint on the gel. Think of paint strokes except you will use approximately .5ml of gel for each whitening session.

Paint on a small amount of the gel from your whitening wand and wha-la! Ten minutes later, and you have whiter teeth! 

No more custom whitening trays to be made in a dental office.

No goopy gel or messy trays to use as you whiten your teeth. You will find that our small mouthpiece is another bonus. It easily fits over your teeth and lips feeling more comfortable than other mouthpieces and/or trays.

We tested many types of mouthpieces before we chose our comfy mouthpiece.

The LED light has 36 small LED red and blue bulbs. The blue lights speed up the whitening process while the red light soothes. LED red lights decrease inflammation. Our light is also waterproof so you can whiten your teeth while you shower or shave, etc. 

The wands (pens) plus the LED/ Waterproof 36 blue/red lights are another area where our brand is superior to other teeth whitening solutions. Our LED 36 red/blue lights and waterproof mouthpiece are patented. This means no other  whitening company has these same features.

The pens are easy to use because you will twist the bottom of your pen about 10-15 times. Once you see the gel appear on the bristles of the pen, you can begin painting light strokes of the gel over your teeth. 

It does not take much gel to produce white teeth. The more gel you use does not mean your teeth are whiter. Most people only need to paint the gel on their front six to eight teeth. These are the only areas that will usually show when a person smiles. 


Does gel consistency really matter?

You don’t want the gel to be too thick and our gel has a stickiness that is not uncomfortable plus, it doesn’t dehydrate your teeth.

When the gel is too thick it dehydrates your teeth. When your teeth get dehydrated, your teeth are more likely to feel sensitive.

We never hear about tooth sensitivity when dental patients have used  the Celebrity Smiles® whitening gel. Celebrity Smiles® gel provides great coverage to your teeth without sensitivity nor goopy gel that oozes on to your gums; causing sensitivity.

We want everyone around the world to have access to our products!


People in the world today are super busy. Emails, voice mails and hundreds of text messages each day!

How do you even find time to spend with your family, friends and loved ones, let alone think about taking time to whitening your teeth?!

Our Cool Light technology, patented blue light, speeds up your teeth whitening process. The LED red light soothes and heals your teeth and any gum inflammation you may have (Think pizza burn or slight gingivitis).

Using the Cool Light technology with LED blue/red light, your whitening sessions will take approximately ten minutes. The mouthpiece is waterproof which means you can multi-task while you whiten your teeth. Think getting ready for your day at the office: making your bed, applying your make-up, shaving (YES! It's  water proof!), or showering while you whiten, etc, etc.

If you are whitening your teeth for the first time, it’s best to dedicate ten to fifteen minutes a day for twenty-one consecutive days.

With our “Subscribe and Save” Smile Club you can re-order your whiten wands more easily, for less money and no shipping costs for US residents. 


Dental offices still use our whitening products  as well as MediSpas and beauty salons, etc. Those messy impressions are no longer necessary and dental assistants no longer need to take time to make a custom tray for patients.

It makes sense that dentists would prefer a system invented by dental professionals and one that does not take a lot of time to prepare custom trays for patients to take home.

Our product has been used in dental offices around the globe since 2010.

What a great feeling when you're already online, every day and now, you can order a whitening kit and carry whitening pens with you everywhere you go.

We make it easy to have your pens readily available when you choose to Subscribe and Save. We take care of you while you can now take time for the important things that matter in life.

Check out our Subscribe and Save now.

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