DIY Teeth Whitening: What You Need to Know

Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth whitening is a great way to boost your smile, dental health & your confidence.

There are many DIY teeth whitening systems you can choose from.

The best DIY teeth whitening solutions are enamel-safe, cost-effective and do not cause tooth sensitivity.

The Celebrity Smiles LED light is wireless, and it also has 32 Blue/Red bulbs.

The blue LED lights help to breakdown the Carbamide Peroxide (Breaks down into microscopic oxygen bubbles) which is what quickly whitens your teeth.

The blue/red LED lights work to not only whiten your teeth quickly but LED Red lights soothe and comfort.

Our whitening serum (the gel inside the whitening wands) also includes Potassium Nitrate Fluoride which is known to block any sensitivity of your teeth.

Think of Potassium Nitrate Fluoride like wearing a fur coat when it’s very cold outside. This type of fluoride blocks the microscopic pores inside your tooth which are what can cause sensitivity when people whiten their teeth.

Potassium Nitrate Fluoride stops this sensitivity from occurring.

LED Teeth Whitening Light

LED Teeth Whitening: Debunking the Myths

Most of us have heard about UV light more often than LED lights.

LED light is what you want to have in your DIY (at home) teeth whitening kit. What you may not know is that UV light creates heat, and this heat can be harmful to your teeth.  

Imagine being out in the sun and you are exposed to UV rays. Same thing if you were to use an at home teeth whitening product that emits heat or makes your teeth and gums feel hot.

On the positive side, LED teeth whitening with blue lights will enhance your whitening process by releasing the oxygen molecules which whiten your teeth more quickly. The Celebrity Smiles Cool Light Technology will not emit heat.

LED light is safer than UV light and our Blue/Red LED light heals and soothes as it whitens your teeth.

The blue/red LED light is my favorite setting to use, and it has a 10-minute timer.

The Celebrity Smiles LED light is non-invasive, more affordable, and very quickly whitens your teeth.

One of the important facts to know is that for the past 10 years dental offices around the world have been using our whitening serum.  Only during the pandemic did we upgrade our technology to the LED light and best part is that our technology is wireless! This means you can multi-task while you whiten your teeth!

Dental Office Teeth Whitening

Is Teeth Whitening Bad for Your Teeth?

If you are whitening for the first time, you will want to use the whitening product for about 21 consecutive days. Mark your calendar for 21 days blocking out about 20 minutes.

This 20 minutes includes time to floss, brush and prepare, and then it takes into account the time whitening your teeth. and at the end rinsing out your mouthpiece and allowing it to dry.

I prefer to whiten my teeth at bedtime, but you can whiten your teeth while you are in the shower because the mouthpiece is waterproof. Do not submerge the mouthpiece in water but you can get it wet to rinse it after your whitening sessions.

Teeth Whitening Pens and LED Light

What are the steps when I whiten?

When you 1st begin whitening your teeth, use the enclosed shade guide and record the current shade of your teeth. You can also use an app on your phone called Time Stamp which will use the date and time on your picture. This makes it easy to go back and see your progress as you are whitening your teeth.

When you first receive your kit, there is a cursory charge on your wireless mouthpiece. This means you can use your mouthpiece to whiten one time, but it is recommended that you connect your mouthpiece to a USB port and charge this for 2 hours.

Before you begin your whitening session, review your user guide and you can read our online instructions.

Next is to floss and brush your teeth because the whitening process is more effective if you begin with clean teeth.

For your 1st time, shake the whitening wand to mix up the serum and then remove the cap and twist the bottom of the wand about 15 times until you see a teeny amount of serum on the brush of your whitening wand.

Then apply a little gel on the top front 8 teeth (When most people smile you only see their front 8 teeth, so you do not need to apply the serum to the teeth no one sees).

Then do the same for your bottom front 8 teeth and then put the mouthpiece in your mouth. Gently press the mouthpiece against your teeth and push the button on the top of mouthpiece. Push once for 15 minutes or twice for 10-minutes.

Most of our studies with patients showed a two-shade improvement after just 10- minutes.

At the end of your session, you will hear a beep. Remove your mouthpiece. Brush in any remaining serum into your teeth and expectorate. I prefer to not rinse with water but if you must go ahead and rinse with water.

Then do not eat or drink for 30 minutes.

It's important to note that the Celebrity Smiles teeth whitening products were 1st used in dental offices.

Beautiful White Teeth

How White is White?

Everyone expects to whiten and quickly see a dazzling white celebrity smiles. The fact is that if you and I go to the beach, I may tan after one hour in the sun and you may burn.

It’s the same with whitening your teeth. Some patients in our clinical studies were 6-shades whiter after their first, 10- minute session. Others did not get more than 2 shades whiter during their first session whitening.

It’s important to not set your expectations too high. What determines the final result of your teeth whitening treatment is comparing the original shade of your teeth and then recording the shade after each session.

Our shade guide is set up to do just that!

Most people do notice a very nice result sooner than 21 days, but it’s suggested that you plan to use the product for 21- consecutive days when it’s your 1st time whitening your teeth.

Just like the example above about going to the beach, genetics is at play when whitening your teeth.

How Long Will Your Teeth Stay White?

Once you achieve your Celebrity Smile with beautiful white teeth, they will not stay white like that for years.

Your teeth post-treatment can be 6- 15 shades whiter, but it will eventually fade back. Your bright smile isn’t guaranteed forever, and that’s why it’s essential to always have a whitening wand available to touch-up as needed.

I personally touch-up at least once a week. Some people who drink a lot of coffee and red wine or eat spicy, dark colored sauces will want to touch-up at least once a week, others will go a month without a touch-up session.

Post Whitening Treatment

We do not hear about sensitivity after people have used our product.

But if you do experience sensitivity you want to speak to your dentist because you may have an oral condition that needs attention.

Our product is not only enamel-safe but the Potassium Nitrate Fluoride does prevent sensitivity. Do speak to your dentist should you experience any sensitivity.

6 things you can do to mitigate any chance of sensitivity if you have used another teeth whitening product and it caused sensitivity:

  1. Use a sensitivity toothpaste.
  2. Use your teeth whitening regimen one day off and one day on.  Give your teeth a break. If sensitivity persists, do contact your dentist.
  3. Never apply straight hydrogen peroxide. This is known to be carcinogenic and will burn your gums and the soft tissues of your oral cavity.
  4. Chew gum with xylitol.  Xylitol stimulates saliva producing good bacteria in your mouth. It also helps prevent cavities.
  5. Use a soft-bristled brush. This will be gentler on your teeth and gums.
  6. Limit hot and cold food and drinks. While you are whitening your teeth in the beginning these things may exacerbate tooth sensitivity.
  7. Be sure to see a dentist if you have used a home whitening kit and if you experience any ongoing pain.

Teeth Whitening Kit. Whats Included?

Ready to Start Your First Teeth Whitening Treatment?

It can feel like a daunting task at first, but once you see your new Celebrity Smile, it’s all worth it. Your new, more beautiful smile, brings confidence and confidence results in only great things in life!

The Celebrity Smiles products are 100% enamel-safe, have numerous patents, certifications and meet FDA approval. We are here as a group of dental experts and want to know about your good bad or other experience. Just ask because we have answers!

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