Beautiful Confident Smile

Are you looking for a boost of confidence?

Are you looking for a date with that someone special or perhaps you have an important job interview?

Many people are looking for ways to upgrade their appearance when attending a wedding, reunion, or any big event and a bright - white smile is a simple, cost-effective way to improve your appearance.

Today’s fast-paced world includes purchasing a whitening solution online with delivery that week.

Whitening results can be in as little as 10-15 minutes and can last for months to one year.

The key is ensuring you always have a beautiful smile.


Each person responds differently to tanning, oral hygiene products and even teeth whitening systems.

If you use tobacco, drink a lot of coffee, tea, coke products, if you took antibiotics as a child or maybe you’re currently taking certain medications, it’s likely that you will notice discoloration of your teeth.

As we age the color of our teeth changes and especially if you previously had composite fillings (a plastic type of filling) a few years ago, your teeth may not look as white as they used to.

No longer do you need to see your dentist, pay a lot of money, undergo the messy impressions, and have a tooth whitening tray made to whiten your teeth.

Over-the-counter whitening systems can whiten your teeth but how do you know if the ingredients in the whitening solution are safe to use?

How do you know the ingredients will not cause harm to your teeth, cause sensitivity and how do you know the ingredients will work at all?!

 Enamel-Safe Ingredients 


 If you have never whitened your teeth in the past, the first step is to look for “dental-grade” ingredients.

Dental Grade means that the solution has a Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide type of solution. These ingredients are what will release oxygen into your tooth enamel which causes your teeth to become white.

All of the Celebrity Smiles® whitening products were first used by dentists and the ingredients we include are what were originally sold to a dental office when they did sell whitening products to their patients.

As a dental hygienist and previous dental school educator, I feel confident to say that Carbamide Peroxide is the safest ingredient. Carbamide Peroxide is released slowly so it will not do harm to the enamel of your teeth.

Since it has a slow release it is going to be less likely to cause sensitivity. We take it a step further to prevent sensitivity. Keep reading to learn more about this!

The Celebrity Smiles® whitening ingredients will always include a type of fluoride which strengthens your enamel. Our current product uses Potassium Nitrate Fluoride which “blocks” the microscopic pores inside the dentin of your tooth from sensitivity. The dentin is located under your enamel and your whitening solution will penetrate the enamel and can cause tooth sensitivity.

Therefore, we use the two main ingredients: Carbamide Peroxide which breaks down slowly and Potassium Nitrate Fluoride which literally blocks sensitivity.

Imagine you are putting a fur coat on your teeth as you whiten. This is the result of adding a fluoride ingredient to the whitening gel. Fluoride can also strengthen your enamel.


The Celebrity Smiles® system also includes a Wireless, LED COOL LIGHT™ Technology.

The COOL LIGHT™ Technology helps to keep the mouthpiece cool and never hot because of the two LED lights.

The two LED lights are blue and red. The blue light helps release the microscopic bubbles in the Carbamide Peroxide and the red light helps soothe and calm.

The red light is very similar to Red Light Therapy which you have probably heard a lot about in the media.

Red light therapy helps reverse the signs of aging and the red light in our mouthpiece can help heal gum inflammation, bleeding gums and can even help halt canker sores.

With the use of the 32 blue and red LED lights you will see results during your first session of 10-15 minutes.

When you are whitening your teeth for the first time using the Celebrity Smiles® system block out 15-20 minutes of time each day for about 21 days.

The system is wireless and waterproof so you can multi-task while you whiten your teeth.

Whitening Gel

The other benefit to using the Celebrity Smiles® system are the whitening wands which are compact and can fit in your purse or overnight bag.

A little whitening serum goes a long way. The Celebrity Smiles® kit includes 3 whitening wands and you only paint light strokes (a very small amount) on your teeth and only the teeth you want to be whiter.

When most people smile you see their top and bottom front 8 teeth, so I recommend you paint a small amount of the whitening serum on only the front 8 teeth top and bottom. Remember: A little goes a long way!

Your 3 whitening wands can last up to a month when you follow these directions.

How Can I Maintain My Results?

I personally touch-up my teeth once or twice a week. I use the 10-minute setting on the mouthpiece (That’s the second push of the button on your mouthpiece).

The best way to prevent the need for touch-ups is and avoid future staining and discoloration of the teeth is to not use tobacco.

Now is the best time to quit and a great way to extend the length of your results. If you are thinking about terminating this habit, search this website which has many options to achieve a tobacco cessation goal 

When you always have a Celebrity Smiles® whitening wand on-hand, you can more easily touch-up when you see a few stains returning.

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Cheers to a NEW YEAR and a NEW YOU!


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