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For Celebrity Smiles® Club founder, registered dental hygienist, Debbie Bittke, the teeth whitening business is in her DNA. At the age of seven Debbie became interested in teeth; creating a healthy and beautiful smile. By age twelve she knew she wanted to become a registered dental hygienist. She soon graduated college as a dental hygienist and quickly began changing smiles.

Fast forward and since 2010, Debbie has been a clinical dental hygienist who coaches dental offices to learn strategies that motivate dental patients to return for routine preventive care at their dental office.

When dentists offer free teeth whitening to their patients, people feel motivated to return for routine preventative care at their dental office. Think of the WIIFM method and patients who know they will receive free whitening feel more motivated about returning to their dentist for preventive care.

Box of Celebrity Smiles Club Wireless LED Teeth Whitening Kit


During the pandemic, a time when people around the world had to quarantine and the year ZOOM video meetings became very popular, Debbie decided to allow the entire world to purchase her whitening products.

Her passion for creating quality and clean, mother-earth friendly products blossomed because clean, non-toxic ingredients are a key factor when choosing ingredients to use in your body.

Carbamide Peroxide formula of Celebrity Smiles whitening wand


The main active ingredient that creates beautiful white teeth in less time is Carbamide Peroxide.

Carbamide Peroxide is also known as urea-hydrogen peroxide, its water-soluble, white crystalline solid compound consisting of hydrogen peroxide. It is is a source of hydrogen peroxide, it can be found in disinfecting and dental bleaching products.

Carbamide Peroxide does not dissolve as quickly as Hydrogen Peroxide, so it is a great ingredient to whiten your teeth, especially when using Celebrity Smiles® whitening LED blue/red light with COOL LIGHT Technology.

Our other main ingredient is Potassium Nitrate which is very similar to the fluoride included in many toothpastes. It is different in that it has been proven to work by calming the nerves in the teeth.

Combine Potassium Nitrate with our blue/red LED light which calms and soothes. When you have ingredients that will calm and soothe, you have a perfect solution to prevent tooth sensitivity.

Using whitening wands (the whitening gel) with the LED blue/red light eliminates gel oozing out onto your gums. When the whitening gel gets on your gums and the soft tissues inside your mouth it can cause a burning sensation.

Rest assured that we are very sensitive to your overall health and will only use ingredients in our products that are non-toxic.

In addition to using ingredients that are non-toxic we will never use a product or ingredients that are animal tested, we will never use products with GMO’s, etc.

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People around the world should experience not only a beautiful celebrity smile but optimal health too. Optimal health and a beautiful celebrity smile for everyone around the world is our mission at Celebrity Smiles® Club.

As the holidays approach and when you want to look your celebrity best, check out Celebrity Smiles Subscribe and Save options.

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