Teeth Whitening Kits. What is Your Best Choice?

Beautiful Couples Smiles

Your smile creates a positive result for you and those who surround you. 

If you’re having a bad day, the ability to put a smile on your face will flip your day 180 degrees. Try putting a smile on your face the next time you’re feeling down. See if a smile turns your bad day into a better day.

Try smiling at yourself in the mirror on a bad day and I bet you’ll end up laughing at yourself. lol

If someone else is having a bad or a BLAH day, share your smile to brighten their day.

How your smile appears is unfortunately how people tend to judge us. People may not consciously know they are judging us when they see our teeth but it doesn’t help to have unsightly teeth.

Yellow, brown, black, or gray stains on your teeth can affect your ability to get a new job, a first or second, etc., date.

We have about 15 seconds to make a good impression when we first meet someone. The smile you present is part of that 1st impression.

DYI Teeth Whitening Options

Available Choices

Search Google or ask Siri where you can find Teeth Whitening Kits and there will be hundreds of companies that offer teeth whitening choices.

Most DIY teeth whitening products sold online are affordable. It’s easy to find a DIY at-home whitening solution but which one is right for you?

To help you find the best DIY teeth whitening kit for you, this blog will beak down the pros and cons of two popular DIY at-home teeth whitening methods: Celebrity Smiles Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit and Teeth Whitening Strips.








Easy to Apply


   No - Slippery




Areas Whitened

    All Teeth

   All Teeth

Type of Results


   Weeks of Use

Cool Light™ Technology


   No Lights

Number of LED Light Bulbs

    32 Lights





Minutes of Use

 10-15 Minutes

  30+ Minutes

Days to Achieve Results

 First 10 Minutes

  14-21 Days



   Not All




No Soy









Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth Whitening Strips

Many teeth whitening companies offer whitening strips. These are very thin, adhesive strips affixed with whitening gel. Think of band aids only clear and this is like a whitening strip.

Teeth whitening strips are placed on all your upper and lower teeth.

The gel on the strips will adhere to your teeth however, they can be slippery while you wear this adhesive on your teeth.

Since you are placing a strip with gel on your teeth you will need to wear the adhesive strip at least 30 minutes. My experience wearing the strips has been they slip off my teeth. I have a hard time keeping them in place over my teeth.

For this reason and because you must wear them for 30 minutes or longer and because your results are minimal unless you continue using consecutively for weeks and weeks.

Celebrity Smiles COOL LIGHT™ Technology Mouthpiece

The Celebrity Smiles Teeth Whitening Device is a professional, dental-grade whitening system that’s easy to use from the comfort of your own home. A specially formulated hydrogen peroxide gel whitens teeth without causing pain or sensitivity.

The Celebrity Smiles Whitening mouthpiece emits COOL LIGHT™ Technology with 32 LED Blue/Red lights which accelerate the whitening process.

The Celebrity smiles teeth whitening system delivers unparalleled whitening results, it's enamel-safe and can be used on crowns, bridges, veneers and implants.

Teeth Whitening Gel ApplicationApplication

Teeth Whitening Strips and the LED Mouthpiece from Celebrity Smiles, both require that you brush your teeth before use. It’s always best to apply teeth whitening gel on clean teeth. This will allow the gel to penetrate your enamel more easily.

When using the whitening strips, you will peel back the adhesive (plastic on. Back of the strips) and then apply the sticky (the gel side) on to your teeth and then press the strip into place. Most strips will wrap around the backside of your teeth.

The strips need to be worn at least 30 minutes and in some brands it may be at least one hour. Always read the instructions on how to use because you place your strips.

If you leave the strips on too long it can cause tooth sensitivity or damage to your enamel.

After your use your strips remove and dispose of your strips in a trash receptacle. It is helpful to brush the gel into your teeth. If you are concerned about tooth sensitivity it is helpful if you rinse with water.

Wait 30 minutes before you eat or drink to allow the gel to continue working.
It’s important to not eat or drink while you are using the strips. Eating or drinking will interfere with the gel penetrating your tooth enamel. It will dilute the gel and not create optimal results for whiter teeth.

How to Use Celebrity Smiles COOL LIGHT™ Technology

The Celebrity Smiles COOL LIGHT™ Technology mouthpiece provides fast and pain-free teeth whitening results. The COOL LIGHT™ Technology uses 32 LED Blue and Red-light bulbs which accelerate the teeth whitening process on your top and bottom teeth.

Heat on your teeth can cause damage inside your tooth and it can cause tooth sensitivity.

To learn more about the use of the LED Light please review our FAQ page here.

How long should I use wear Celebrity Smiles Teeth Whitening Device?

The Celebrity Smiles Mouthpiece with LED Lights is a quick way to whiten your teeth and get dental office, professional results from the comfort of your home.

One whitening session takes 10-15 minutes long. I personally like the Blue/Red LED lights and this is a 10-minute whitening session.

When I personally coach customers during their 1st teeth whitening session I have them push the button on their mouthpiece two times and this sets the timer for 10 minutes.

This 10-minute timer uses the blue and red lights. Most people have at least two shades whiter teeth after just 10-minutes whitening with the LED Blue/Red lights.

When you 1st whiten your teeth, take the shade (enclosed in your teeth whitening kit) and using the enclosed shade guide, you will document your shade before and after your teeth whitening session(s).

You can also use a Time Stamp app (Available in tunes and Google Play). Also look at the shade guide and identify how white you want your teeth to be in the end of your whitening sessions,

For optimal whitening results, continue using your mouthpiece and a little gel on each tooth you want to be whiter, until you achieve your desired tooth color.

If you are whitening your teeth for the 1st time you will want to block out about 15-20 minutes each day for 21-30 days, or until you feel your teeth are as white as you desire. Take time to brush for two minutes first then whiten for 10-15 minutes and afterwards, brush the gel into your teeth and expectorate.

I personally prefer not to rinse after I whiten. It is best to not eat or drink for at least 30 minutes after your teeth whitening session.

What If I have Sensitive Teeth?

Not only is Celebrity Smiles whitening gel (serum) enamel safe but we have added Potassium Nitrate Fluoride which will block your teeth from any sensitivity. It is like wearing a fur coat over your teeth when you whiten.

At this point we do not have any customer feedback of tooth sensitivity when using their Celebrity Smiles whitening products. Dental offices around the world order and use this product because of the quick results and no sensitivity.

The main ingredients are Carbamide Peroxide and the Potassium Nitrate Fluoride. None of these ingredients will harm your teeth in any way. 

The Carbamide Peroxide combined with the LED Blue lights help to BOOST whiter teeth in less time. The LED Red lights will soothe and comfort while you whiten and the Potassium Nitrate Fluoride will protect you from any tooth sensitivity while you whiten and after your teeth whitening sessions.

Multi-tasking While You Whiten

Whitening strips are compact and individually wrapped, which makes them travel-friendly and you can also multi-task while you whiten.

The Celebrity Smiles Teeth Whitening System is also perfect for travel. You can easily pack your mouthpiece and whitening wands in your purse or suitcase.

Both products allow you to multi-task while you whiten. The Celebrity Smiles mouthpiece is waterproof so you can shower or shave while you whiten your teeth.


It can be very confusing to search online for teeth whitening products. There are so many DIY teeth whitening choices. The goal of reading this information is to provide valuable information to make a prudent choice when you choose to whiten your teeth.

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