Teeth Whitening When You Have Sensitive Teeth

Teeth Whitening When You Have Sensitive Teeth

As a child I really loved going to the dentist!

And no, I am not crazy! My parents took me to a children’s dentist. A pediatric dentist and he made it so fun for us kids to be at the dental office!

I had a lot of cavities as a child and because my dentist made is a lot of fun to be in a dental office, I was never scared to have the “shot” and that numb feeling!

I can honestly say that I wasn’t even a little bit nervous because he made us kids laugh a lot!

Having such a great time at my dental office gave me the inspiration to become a dental hygienist.

What I did not know is that not everyone likes going to see their dentist OR dental hygienist! This made me not so excited to have a career as a dental hygienist.

Most people who sat in my chair as a patient were not excited to see their dentist or me, their dental hygienist! Many of these fearful patients had bad experiences with their dentist as a child and many patients have very sensitive teeth!

As a hygienist you know we have those sharp metal instruments and for many they think these hurts. We don’t mean to hurt our patients but if there is gum recession or an exposed nerve around a tooth can hurt when a sharp metal object touch’s the tooth.

Sensitive teeth are not fun! Patients can go for days and never feel the sensitivity and then they eat ice cream or drink something hot and the ZING literally feels like you’re going to die!

With all this pain and torcher, most people still want whiter teeth.
Whiter teeth make a person look more attractive, it boosts our confidence, and gives people a much healthier appearance.

Beautiful smile

What is the affect if teeth whitening on sensitive teeth?

The combination of whiter teeth and teeth sensitivity do not go together. Most teeth whitening products do cause tooth sensitivity however, Celebrity Smiles has a special formula that prevents the tooth sensitivity.

Dentinal Tubules, Tooth Sensitivity Cause

Let’s talk about why your teeth get sensitive.

Imagine the tiny hairs inside your nose. Your teeth are made up of tiny, microscopic tubules inside the enamel. Inside the enamel is the dentin and this is where you have the dentinal tubules. When your enamel is thin, it exposes those dentinal tubules.

Think recession and the roots of your teeth are exposed.

It important to make note that these microscopic tubules are next to the nerves inside your tooth. When you have the roots (gum recession) exposed, this means that the nerves of your tooth are exposed. This is what causes the ZING!

Therefore, your teeth feel sensitive to whitening, hot or cold.

When you whiten your teeth the whitening serum is what creates whiter teeth but it also causes your enamel to become more porous and removes minerals. Porous enamel means exposed dentinal tubules. This is what can cause sensitivity.

The good news is that your teeth can be remineralized. Remineralization decreases sensitivity because it rebuilds the enamel that has been worn thin.

Celebrity Smiles eliminates this sensitivity because we are “dental-grade” and this means we include something (usually found in a dental office and a few over the counter products) Potassium Nitrate Fluoride.

If you are walking outside in the cold elements or it’s freezing cold, when you put on your fur coat, you don’t usually feel cold; right?!

It’s the same thing when you use Celebrity Smiles serum to whiten. You are wearing a fur coat over your teeth. You make your teeth stronger! The Potassium Nitrate Fluoride is the fur coat over your teeth while you whiten!

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Teeth Whitening kit

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Now, that you feel more comfortable knowing how to prevent tooth sensitivity, will you help me share a smile? 

What the world needs now are more smiles!

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