It’s that time of year! You may be stressed about all the upcoming holiday gatherings and what adds to that stress is buying that special gift for the person who “has it all!” 

What do you give your friend or family member who has it all?! I am quickly learning that most people want whiter teeth! Maybe people just don’t take the time to look at the numerous options to have whiter teeth, maybe they think it’s too costly or maybe their have sensitive teeth and fear teeth whitening will hurt.

Choosing a Christmas gift for the person who has it all and choosing the best whitening products does not have to be stressful. This is the time of year when you can be the hero and buy that special someone something they have been thinking about for quite some time but never got around to ordering……. WHITER TEETH!

CELEBRITY SMILES® is a provide method for whitening teeth and dentist around the world have used this system for over ten years. Choosing a unique gift that is certain to make another special person smile does not need to cause you stress.

Young girl with sunglasses smiling.

The gift of teeth whitening is a unique gift that BOOSTS a loved one’s confidence much easier than losing five or ten pounds. Whiter teeth BOOST confidence and brings happiness to many people and those who surround them.

There are so many choices of whitening products, so how do you know which product to buy?

Celebrity Smiles Club whitening kit on the table


CELEBRITY SMILES® currently offers a whitening kit which helps you BOOST whiter teeth in as little as ten minutes. It does include three whitening wands and included in the whitening serum is a special formula to not only BOOST whiter teeth, but the special Potassium Nitrate Fluoride will greatly reduce the chance of any tooth sensitivity.

The mouthpiece is BPA free and a specifically designed to be very comfortable to wear. The LED light include COOL LIGHT™ technology helps eliminate tooth sensitivity while the dual LED BLUE/RED lights BOOST and relieve and sensitivity.

The ingredients are non-toxic and cruelty-free. Dentists around the world have been using this formula for over ten years.

Young Asian people holding a gift

Your friends and family will notice a definite change in the shade of their teeth after their first treatment.

The CELEBRITY SMILES®  website has a video that demonstrates best practices so you, your friends and family have the best whitening experience as possible. This gift of whitening will help their teeth become whiter in a short period of time. It really does not take a lot of effort and the wireless LED lights can be used while you multitask plus, they are waterproof so you can shower or shave while you whiten your teeth!

Celebrity Smiles Gift Card

Should your friends want to continue their whitening experience, you can give them a CELEBRITY SMILES® gift card when you need to give them another gift. The gift card will help them to buy the refills of whitening serum.

The SMILE CLUB is a great way to save so make sure you include the SMILE CLUB with your gift. This means your friend or family member can continue to have refill whitening wands on-hand after they finish their whitening treatment. The whitening wands are also great to carry in your purse, your travel bag, etc., to use when you’re “on the go!”

Whether you are buying a holiday or birthday gift, the gift of white teeth is the perfect opportunity to share a beautiful smile. No pun intended, but when you give the gift of teeth whitening, you give the gift of a smile!

What the world needs now are more smiles! A smile is the perfect gift to give that person who may “have it all!

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