What is the Best DIY Teeth Whitening Product?

DIY White Teeth. How can you choose the best teeth whitening product for you?

Your smile communicates of a warm “Hello” to those around you. It’s a feeling of joy which can win the trust of others. Your smile will get you a 1st and 2nd date (and even an “I Do!”) with that someone special.

After the pandemic and shelter-in-place of 2020, teeth whitening has become a hot topic.

Years ago if you wanted to get whiter teeth you had to sit for hours in a dental office chair. This is no longer true for today’s world.

Not only did you sit in a dental chair for at least an hour but it cost a lot of money to get whiter teeth in the dental office.  Whiten treatments in a dental office can be painful. For many, teeth whitening causes tooth sensitivity.

Fast forward and our world today allows you to quickly whiten without breaking your bank account. It doesn't have to be painful.

How Do You Decide Which DIY Teeth Whitening is Best for You?

When choosing a DIY teeth whitening product how can you choose which product is best for you?

Consider the cost, results, ease of use, and other factors like your individual dental needs and if you have tooth sensitivity.

If you’re ready to get a whiter, brighter smile at home, keep reading and learn more about the best at-home teeth DIY whitening kit available and why this is the best solution for you. 

Your Best Choice: Celebrity Smiles Wireless LED Teeth Whitening

 wireless Teeth Whitening Mouthpiece LED Light

The Celebrity Smiles Wireless Teeth Whitening Device comes with everything you need to quickly and without pain, get a whiter smile at home.

The Celebrity Smiles mouthpiece uses patented COOL LIGHT™ Technology to BOOST whitening results, with a built-in 10 or 15 minute timer so you always get a perfect result.

The unique Celebrity Smiles 35% Carbamide Peroxide whitening formula brightens teeth and uses a special 6% Potassium Nitrate Fluoride to reduce any chance of tooth sensitivity or pain while you whiten and after your whitening session.

Teeth Whitening Gel (Serum)

The serum comes in a pen. Twist the pen and add a small amount of serum to the teeth you want whiter.   Brush the serum over the teeth you want whiter like you are painting a wall. Short, light brush strokes work well.

You buy the teeth whitening device once and it comes with a one-year guarantee.  The device and serum are dentist - dental hygienist-formulated.

When you purchase the wireless whitening kit, you receive 3 whitening wands with enough serum to last up to 30 days; depending upon how much serum you use for each whitening session.

Teeth Whitening 3-Pack Refill Pens (Wands

Best Whitening Serum 3-Pack for Touch-up Teeth Whitening

Celebrity Smiles has a 3-pack refill with enough serum to last at least 21 days. There is not need to apply a lot of serum.

When you are using our serum a little goes a long way. You only apply the serum with small painting strokes on the teeth you want to be whiter.

 The Celebrity Smiles unique, dental -grade whitening serum includes our sensitivity-free ingredients. It is safe to use on crowns, bridges, implants, and veneers.


If you’re confused or concerned about teeth whitening ingredients, you no longer need to fear because the Celebrity Smiles formula is vegan, gluten-free cruelty-free, vegan, and sensitivity-free.

We even made sure that our products are eco-friendly.

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