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When I was a child I loved going to my dentist.

No, Really!

I am telling you the truth!

The pediatric dentist my parents took us to as children made dental appointments a lot of fun!

I loved going there so much that I had a dream at the age of twelve, to become a dental hygienist.

Child on the dental office lying on the dental bed

Fast forward and I had the chance to work full-time as a dental hygienists and for many amazing dentists!

What I mean is not only were they great clinicians but as a patient you had a water, coffee and hot chocolate bar and a lot of delicious, healthy snacks the moment you walked in the front door of our office!

Most of our patients loved coming to the dental office but still there are the patients who HATE dental visits.

There are thousands of people who think getting their teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist hurts! They think the scraping of plaque sounds like nails scratching a chalk board.

So dramatic! Right?!

Here is one thing that everyone loves……. A beautiful smile with white teeth!

Except, if you have sensitive teeth. If you have sensitive teeth whitening will be the last thing you want to do to your teeth.

Put whitening gel on sensitive teeth?!


It really doesn't have to be this way.

Man have sensitive teeth with ice on white background


Even my husband hated the effects of teeth whitening gel. It sent him through the roof UNTIL I started to sell whitening gel to dental offices around the world.

I was on a mission to help everyone use teeth whitening gel and therefore Celebrity Smiles ® Club teeth whitening kit.

Our teeth have microscopic pores called tubules and when you have sensitive teeth it helps to add a special coating over these tubules.

If you have thin enamel or areas of recession, you have tubules that are exposed and you are more likely to experience sensitivity to cold, hot and teeth whitening gels.

Teeth whitening gel can cause your tubules to be more exposed thus, your teeth become more sensitive.

Here is the great news for you if you experience sensitive teeth. There are special ingredients, organic, natural ingredients that re-mineralize the enamel and this can eliminate any teeth sensitivity. 

Think of adding a fur coat over your enamel. This is what remineralization does to your teeth. Not only does it eliminate tooth sensitivity, but specific types of agents can prevent cavities.


If you’re going to whiten your teeth, why not use ingredients that will strengthen your teeth?

Just like when you want to improve your health, you may begin by diet and exercise. You begin to read labels. Right?

Same thing when choosing a tooth whitening solution. Read the ingredients and use a product that strengthens your teeth.

Woman's healthy teeth and smile


Before you begin teeth whitening always visit your dentist and dental hygienist to check for any type of abnormalities, gum inflammation or infections.

You may also want to replace any old and/or discolored fillings after you have the most beautiful white smile from teeth whitening.

Ask your dentist to perform routine x-rays, complete a comprehensive gum and visual exam. Any old or discolored fillings or crowns will not match your white teeth after you use your teeth whitening kit.

Before you use your teeth whitening gel and LED light, floss (at least once a day) and always brush in the morning and before bed. After you have used your gel with the LED light brush any excess gel into your teeth and expectorate to rid your mouth of any whitening gel.

The best type of toothbrush to use is a power toothbrush and always make sure you use a soft bristled brush, so you don’t cause erosion or recession of your gums.

Always rinse your LED mouthpiece in warm water and do not submerge the light in water.

Celebrity Smiles teeth whitening kit should be used once a day for ten minutes and for twenty-one consecutive days. Some people will notice their teeth are many shades whiter in one treatment, Others may take two weeks before they notice a whiter smile. Each person is different just like each one of us has a different skin tone.

Some of us tan easily, others burn easily. It's the same thing with whitening your teeth.

When you first get your whitening kit look at the shade guide. Decide what shade you are today and set realistic goals for the next week and three weeks.

Take a picture of your teeth before you whiten and then take a picture before you whiten on day two. Take pictures of your progress along the way.

Celebrity Smiles has an ingredient called Potassium Nitrate which blocks tooth sensitivity. This same formula has been used in dental grade whitening gel for many decades. Potassium Nitrate not only eliminates (Blocks those pores AKA: tubules, in your teeth) tooth sensitivity but it strengthens your teeth while you whiten them.

For additional protection from tooth sensitivity and to strengthen your teeth, prevent cavities, ask your dental hygienist to apply a fluoride varnish.


Always do your due diligence before trying something new. Follow us on social media and read our blog often for more tips on keeping your smile healthy and beautiful.

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Debbie Bittke, RDH, BS

Founder: Celebrity Smiles Club

AKA: America's Preventive and Teeth Whitening Expert. :)

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