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As a dental hygienist and also as a consumer of teeth whitening products, my conversations with friends and colleagues about tooth whitening often leads to a conversation about sensitive teeth.

Many people who have tried to whiten their teeth discover they have sensitive teeth when wearing a whitening tray with a whitening gel solution.

Other people just flat out have sensitive teeth 24/7! Their teeth are sensitive to hot and cold, or pressure when they bite on something.

Many people have never tried teeth whitening out of fear, discomfort, or negative experiences with a recurrence of pain if they were to try whitening their teeth.

In-office dental whitening procedures, have been popular for many years as well. Professional, dental office, tooth whitening can be expensive, time consuming and many patients report tooth sensitivity post-treatment.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to these bad experiences and challenges with tooth whitening.

Celebrity Smiles® flips these bad experiences and challenges on its head!


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There's an easier way to overcome a bad experience with tooth sensitivity if you want whiter teeth. Tooth whitening can be a easy and more cost-effective.

Celebrity Smiles® dental grade, wireless, teeth whitening system, is effective for whitening and brightening everyone’s smile. This system can even improve a person’s gum health when they use the BLUE/RED LED light with Cool Light Technology®.

It does not cost a lot of money to whiten your teeth when using the Celebrity Smiles® Club Wireless Tooth Whitening System. It's less time-consuming and there is little to no-chance of tooth sensitivity.

Let’s take a closer look at the  Celebrity Smiles® dental grade, professional, teeth whitening products and why they’re your best choice for whiter teeth. 


Celebrity Smiles Club Teeth Whitening Kit

During dental in-office, tooth whitening procedures, an outside-the-mouth-light is used. You will need to sit in a dental chair for approximately 60 minutes. This special light that is used emanates heat and requires high temperatures to whiten your teeth.

This high temperature used over a long period of time, results in oxygen ions escaping off the surface of the tooth. The teeth can become dehydrated during this process and tooth dehydration can cause tooth sensitivity.

The Celebrity Smiles® mouthpiece uses COOL LIGHT® Technology along with 32 BLUE and BLUE/RED lights to accelerate and optimize your teeth whitening results.

The mouthpiece has a sealed environment which maximizes the efficacy of the whitening gel and this prevents dehydration inside your tooth, meaning less chance of tooth sensitivity.

99.9% of people using Celebrity Smiles® whitening products report "no sensitivity".

Celebrity Smiles® whitening gel is enclosed in a sealed wand, which helps to reduce the breakdown of the main ingredients: Carbamide Peroxide and Potassium Nitrate Fluoride. Carbamide Peroxide is a lot more stable than hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down when it is airborne and Carbamide Peroxide will remain in a stable state for a lot longer. The small, special mouthpiece is designed to seal the oxygen particles as the Carbamide Peroxide works to whiten your teeth.

Also, the Celebrity Smiles® ingredients include Potassium Nitrate Fluoride which will seal the tubules inside your teeth. These tubules, AKA: pores, if exposed (Example of exposed tooth surface: "tooth recession"), can cause that "zing" known as "tooth sensitivity". 

The Celebrity Smiles® whitening wands have an easy-to-use design which allows you to apply a small amount of the gel on each tooth.

A little gel goes a long way! 

The gel is thick enough to remain on your teeth as necessary but not too thick. When the gel is too thick it will dehydrate your tooth causing tooth sensitivity. The unique mouthpiece and special, dental-grade, ingredients allow for quick and effective results without zingers inside your tooth.

Another fact to note is that the Celebrity Smiles® mouthpiece is small and very comfortable. No BPA is used in the mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is also waterproof so you can whiten your teeth while you shower or shave. The wireless mouthpiece has a USB charger and about every 7-8 whitening sessions you will charge your mouthpiece for two hours. 

Charging your wireless mouthpiece takes only two hours when you plug it into your USB charger. WHA-LA, you are all set to whiten for another 7-8 sessions!


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When the whitening gel is painted on your teeth, the Celebrity Smiles® professional dental grade, whitening technology, results in minimal to no post-treatment sensitivity.

The 32 LED lights combined with the COOL LIGHT® Technology and the comfortable, closed system, mouthpiece, which accelerates the reaction of the whitening gel by producing more whitening oxygen molecules over a shorter period of time.

When you want a whiter smile you will never need to wear your wireless LED Light mouthpiece with a little amount of gel, for more than ten-maybe, fifteen minutes.

If you have more questions or concerns about the Celebrity Smiles® whitening system or if you want to learn more about our subscribe and save option, please visit our website here.

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