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Watch the video, "What's Inside My Teeth Whitening Kit?"


What the video, "How to Use Celebrity Smiles Whitening Kit?"

 ** Be sure you charge your Mouthpiece with the USB cord prior to wearing our mouthpiece and whitening your teeth. Your mouthpiece arrives to you with only a cursory charge.

Watch the video, "How Do I know if my LED Light is Charging?"

Questions Many Ask:

"Will my teeth be sensitive if I use Celebrity Smiles teeth whitening gel?"

At this time we have not heard of a customer who has healthy teeth experience teeth sensitivity while using Celebrity Smiles products.

Our ingredients are dental-grade, created by dental professionals, enamel-safe and include Potassium Nitrate Fluoride which is proven to block teeth sensitivity.

Potassium Nitrate Fluoride creates a protective barrier over the dentinal tubules (microscopic pores inside your tooth).

* See the picture below showing the anatomy of a tooth.

Potassium Nitrate Fluoride reduces the chance of tooth sensitivity by adding this protective barrier over the dentin of your tooth.

Dentin and Why teeth become sensitive. Potassium Nitrate Fluoride Blocks tooth sensitivity

Why do teeth become sensitive?

Inside each tooth and under the enamel, is the "dentin".

The dentin inside each tooth has tiny microscopic fibers that can create sensitivity to some people as they whiten their teeth, drink, eat something cold or hot.

Potassium Nitrate Fluoride adds a barrier over the dentin and this is why people who use Celebrity Smiles teeth whitening gel do not experience tooth sensitivity as they whiten their teeth.

Good News!

To help prevent teeth sensitivity during your whitening sessions the Celebrity Smiles mouthpiece includes LED RED LIGHTS which soothe and comfort as you whiten your teeth! 

* Please Note: Dental or tooth infections, tooth pain, cavities (holes in your teeth), etc, can cause tooth pain when you whiten your teeth. Before using any teeth whitening products, if you believe your teeth or gums are not healthy always seek the advise of a dentist before using.

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